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Can Wellness Exist in the Face of Illness?


When someone asks how you are doing and you answer,

“I Am Well”

What does that mean?

Does it mean that your body is running perfectly?

Or does it mean more than that?

In the world of wellness coaching, we look at the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

We also look at lifestyle, cultural background, family

dynamics, and more.

So if you are struggling with a physical illness,

does that mean you cannot be well in other ways?

At the Tribe, we believe you are so much more

than a diagnosis. As your coach, my job is

to help you tap into and develop the

parts of yourself that contribute to your overall

wellness beyond current physical challenges.

That by no means implies ignoring the physical.

Part of the coaching process is to figure out together

your best physical path forward. We will explore nutrition, exercise, sleep, positive thinking,

and mind-body practices as paths to total healing.

Below is one application of looking at the

whole person to find wellness

in the face of illness.

Radical Remission

In the New York Times best selling book,”Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds“,

author and researcher Dr. Kelly Turner identifies

9 key factors that are common to patients that have survived cancer in the face of very grim prognoses.

The 9 key factors in Radical Remission:

  1. Radically changing your diet (primarily eliminating sugar, dairy, meat and refined foods)

  2. Taking control of your health

  3. Following your intuition

  4. Using herbs and supplements

  5. Releasing suppressed emotions

  6. Increasing positive emotions

  7. Embracing social support

  8. Deepening your spiritual connection

  9. Having strong reasons for living


These 9 key factors in radical remission

are the same powerful drivers of true wellness for everyone.

If the body can heal itself from major illness

with this holistic approach to self-care, how dramatically can we shift our sense of well-being if we adopt these principles when the body is not fighting for it’s life?

Have You Been Impacted by Cancer?

Holy Name Medical Center


If you have been directly impacted by cancer, either as a patient or a caregiver, please join me for a FREE four-week workshop series: “Wellness in the Face of Illness” at Holy Name Medical Center this September. The workshop is open to all patients regardless of where you received treatment. What: Wellness in the Face of Illness Where: Holy Name Medical Center When: Wednesdays in September – 4-5 p.m. Instructor: Atara Weisberger, M.A, CHWC This powerful and interactive four-week workshop will inspire you to create your best life right now. Cancer is a life-changing diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to be life stopping. There is so much more to you than cancer and we will explore what makes you feel alive, engaged and vibrant even in the face of illness.  We will also work to close the gap between what you know about your illness, treatment and recovery and what you would like to know. You will leave each session with a fresh perspective on your personal wellness journey and a road map for the week that guides you towards your goals.  Workshop open to patients, survivors and caregivers.





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