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Kick Start Your Wellness: A Guided Meditation

Maximizing Menopause

  We are very fortunate to live in a time when menopausal age is considered midlife. We live longer. We live better. And while that is a tremendous blessing, it also comes with some challenges. In midlife, we experience significant changes in most areas of life: physical, emotional and spiritual. Our families are growing up and moving to the next stage in

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Appearances or True Health?

Appearances or True Health What do you value more? Are you motivated more by how you look or how you feel? Are you driven by how others perceive you or by your own self-perception? Is it more important to you to fit in or be accepted for who you are? Do you feel like you’re playing a role or

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Self-Medicating or Coping?

First things first. Welcome back! It’s been a minute. Sometimes life (and writing a book) get in the way of one of the things I love the most… connecting with YOU through these newsletters! I’d love to hear how you’re doing. In the meantime, let’s jump right in! Are you self-medicating or coping? If there is one thing I

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Conversational Generosity

  Have you ever walked away from a conversation feeling like if you hadn’t asked questions to the person you were talking to, there wouldn’t have been any conversation at all? It happens to me all the time. I’m a naturally curious person, at least when it comes to humans. I enjoy hearing peoples’ ‘stories’, where they come from, how they experience

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The Body is as the Body Does

You Are What You Do      CrossFit Reality Check Last Thursday, I went with my daughter to what she calls ‘baby CrossFit’. It’s the CrossFit class for newbies. Modified. Simplified. De-Intensified. CrossFit euphemistically calls it the ‘Challenge’ class. The class is, arguably, aptly named because instead of grunting, cursing, pumping and flinging sweat like the big boys and

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Body Confession

   Can it Help Us Heal our Health Habits? I finished a run last week and was holding a mocha from my fave coffee bar and pondering why my easy runs have been feeling so hard. Honestly, I didn’t have to look that far. I know why. I am not taking care of myself. Yes, I eat healthy and

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Fail Fast

Fail Fast? Why would I want to do that??    Fail Fast What does that mean? Why would anyone want to do that? Aren’t we supposed to succeed fast? Why would we ever make failure a goal? Fail Fast is a term that originated with C-suite execs in Silicon Valley and its ocean of start-ups. It is an approach

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When Life Gets in the Way

Reconnecting when life gets in the way     It’s been a while. Too long, in fact. Life got in the way. I sound like my clients. Because I am like my clients. Like you, there are things I love. Things I enjoy. Things that fill me up. And like you, life happens. When life gets tough, everything but the

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Where Life Lives

The answer might surprise you.   Like most of us, I spend a lot of time living in my head: thinking, planning, anticipating, dreaming, reflecting, reacting. Akin to watching TV reruns or previewing movies that may never be made, many of my thoughts are about something that has already happened or something that might or might not happen in

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Stacking Habits

   Well that’s a strange phrase… Habits are among the most powerful drivers of human behavior. Why? Because they are automatic. Habits require little to no thought or planning. They don’t require willpower. They are built into your schedule and built into your life. In short, habits are behaviors that have morphed from what you do into who you

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