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Healthy Eating Hacks

Sometimes shortcuts can be better than taking the long way! Here are five healthy eating hacks that will have you singing from grocery store to table (or lunch box). 1 nut butter nutrient hack: Nut butters are already pretty nutrient dense, but there is a way to pack them with even more good stuff.  Take a partial jar of nut butter, and add a mix of seeds, such as toasted sesame seeds, chia seeds, roughly ground flax seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Mix it all up, and store in the fridge. It’s delicious on toast, mixed into oatmeal, or stuffed into dates as a snack.

3 quick and dirty snack hacks:

1. Medjool dates filled with nut butter 

2. Sliced apple dipped into unsweetened plant yogurt 

with a sprinkle of cinnamon (and optional maple syrup)

3. Hummus on crackers with some arugula, cucumbers,

tomatoes, and/or olives


4 money saving healthy food hacks:

Cook large portions and creatively use leftovers.

Leftoverscan be used for lunches, in other recipes or

frozen in single-portion sizes for later. Leftovers make

great stews, stir-fries, salads and burritos. Great foods for

people on a budget.

Buy whole foods. Some foods are much cheaper in less

processed form. For example, a block of cheese is

cheaper than shredded cheese and canned beans are cheaper

than refried ones. Whole grains, like brown rice and oats,

are also cheaper per serving than most processed cereals.

The less processed foods are also often sold in larger

quantities, and yield more servings per package.

Eating less meat is a good way to save money and eat

healthfully.Try having one or two days per week where

you use other protein sources, such as legumes

hemp seeds, eggs or canned fish.

Buy from cheap online grocers. There are several online

retailers that offer healthy foods for up to 50% cheaper.

By registering, you get access to daily discounts and deals.

And the products are then delivered straight to your door.

Thrive Market is a good online retailer that focuses

exclusively on healthy and unprocessed foods. Buying

as much as you can from them can save you money.


2 smoothie hacks: There are two ingredients you can add to your next smoothie mix to pump up the nutrient profile: 1. Frozen zucchini: they’re great for people who can’t tolerate or don’t like bananas in smoothies. They add a similar creaminess, without the banana flavour.  2.White beans: packed with protein, fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants.  Trust me, you won’t even know that they’re in there.

5 fabulous frozen food hacks:

Don’t have time to prepare fresh produce? 

Fear not. Frozen is a fabulous option for good nutrition,

a busy schedule, and/or a tight budget!

1. Edamame

2. Broccoli & Cauliflower – whole or riced

3. Brussel SproutsBerries – strawberry, blueberry, raspberry

4. High Protein Veggie Burger

Lightly coat veggies with olive oil spray and sea salt and bake

until the tips are browned in a 425 degree oven.

Bake or pan fry (in olive oil spray)a veggie burger

and break it up into a leafy green salad.

Whip up a soothing fruit soup with frozen berries,

coconut milk and cinnamon.

Toss together a quick, high protein salad of edamame,

bell pepper, hearts of palm, carrots, and fresh lemon juice.





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