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How do I reach my wellness goals? Step #2

“I want to start running. I want to exercise regularly.

I want to lose weight and feel great.”

But why?

Why is this goal important to you?

Why does it matter?

Try the following exercise:

A. Insert your goal and your reason into the following sentence:

I want to _______________ because _____________.

(i.e.) I want to learn to run because it will help me get into shape.

B. Insert the reason into the first part of the sentence and repeat the process.

C. Repeat (i.e.):

          • I want to get into shape because I don’t have enough energy to be productive at work.

          • I want to be productive at work because it’s important to provide for my family.

          • I want to provide for my family because being a great parent is rewarding.

          • I want to be an amazing parent because I believe it’s part of leading a good life.

Get beneath the surface. Keep asking why.

The deeper you dig, the more you’ll learn about yourself and about what really matters to you.

Unlike motivation, those things tend to remain constant.

The more in touch you are with those motivations, the more consistently motivated you’ll feel on a daily basis. 

Whatever your ‘why’ is, combine it with your wellness vision and you’re on the road to a life you’ll love!





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