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Towards a More Respectful World

Blame it on my Libra essence but balance in all things is a high value for me. I don’t like extremes. Beauty, peace, lightness, meaning and joy are also powerful drivers. Watching the world be shaken like a collosal snow globe – by COVID-19, by riots and violence, by a total lack of respect among people of

different perspectives plus wanton destruction of property and livelihood when so many are already struggling – is a lot to swallow.

And then there is the shaming going on. The unwillingness to listen to another’s perspective. To honor another’s experience.In the very valid quest for human rights, we are forgetting our humanity.

In the book, Getting More, by famed Wharton Business School professor Stuart Diamond, Diamond is emphatic that in the course of trying to achieve a goal in the real world, negotiating based on who is right is pointless. That although blame, shame and punishment are natural human reactions, it is very difficult psychologically for another person to agree to be punished.

If you want to argue over who is right, you will find it much harder to get what you want. Instead, you will be forced to pursue much more expensive alternatives like litigation, riots, arbitration or war.

Instead, it is better to ask:

What do we do now and how do we prevent this from happening again? How do we move forward in a positive and productive way?

So what do we do now? And what does this have to do with wellness?

The foundation of all wellness is respect.

When you respect your body, you take care of it. When you respect yourself, you embrace heathy boundaries and nurturing relationships. When you respect other people, you treat them as important and valuable. When you respect the Earth that sustains you, you refrain from wastefulness and wanton destruction. When you respect the divine in youself, you acknowledge and embrace the divine in others.

In all this turmoil and change, we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We have the opportunity to reflect and reset. Indeed we must. The world as we knew it six months ago isn’t coming back. It isn’t supposed to and it shouldn’t. We were asleep at the wheel. But whether it becomes something better or not is entirely up to what we do with it. And everyone is responsible. What areas of your life need more R-E-S-P-E-C-T? What are you healthfully respectful of that you can share with others in an open-hearted way? How can you be more respectful of your own needs so you can better respect others and the world around you?







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