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Kick Start Your Wellness: A Guided Meditation

Self Care | Self Aware

Hello Tribe!

It’s been awhile!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I know I’ve been quiet the last few months.

I want to tell you why.

I’ve been working on speaking less and listening more.

Because when I’m talking, I can’t listen.

And I need to hear what’s being said.

Decades ago, I was introduced to a very wise woman.

She understood me from the beginning and had

wisdom that could have changed the path of my

life for the better.

But I wasn’t ready to hear what she had to say.

And I didn’t trust her.

I didn’t trust that she really knew me or that she could really help me make decisions in my life.

So I ignored her. I pushed her away. I put her down.

But I’m ready to listen now.

You may have heard her name, actually.

Her name is Intuition.

She also goes by Self Awareness,

Sixth Sense,

and Gut.

But who she really is is your soul.

G-d cannot or has chosen not to speak with us directly.

But that doesn’t mean He isn’t communicating with us.

He is.

He communicates in the form of that wise person inside

with the quiet voice and soft, loving temperament.

The voice that knows us and cares about us.

The voice we often mistrust and push down in lieu of other people’s voices, opinions, and expectations. We push it down because we feel we don’t deserve such lovingkindness.

But what does listening to our intuition have to do

with health and wellness?


Every person’s body chemistry is unique.

Every person’s life story is unique.

Every person’s preferences and habits are unique.

Every person’s SOUL mission is unique.

So how do you figure out what is healthy for you?

You listen. Then you experiment. Then you listen again.

For example:

Want to know the best foods for your body?

Eat. Then listen.

Are you hungry? Have cravings? Satisfied?

Centered? Energetic? Exhausted? Bloated?

Adjust or experiment.

Then listen again.

Try to hear your voice, rather than the voice of your

well-intended friend, a self-made guru on

Instagram or even your parents’ voices.

Below I described the process for getting quiet and hearing your intuitive voice. It is a powerful way to discover

what is good for you in all areas of wellness:

social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual.

If you learn to recognize and honor your intuitive voice,

you will literally shine from the inside out.


  1. Find a place that soothes your mind and body and brings your energy to a lower, calmer vibration. It might be out in nature or a space in your house that you’ve carved out as your quiet space. It can be a coffee house or a museum.

  2. Figure out if you need to move or be still to calm your mind and body. Do you need to take a slow, gentle walk? Do Tai Chi? Or sit quietly and focus on your breathing?

  3. Once your mind and body have stopped “buzzing” and you feel relaxed, ask yourself a question that involves a choice you currently are contemplating.

  4. What is the first thing that pops into your mind? Hold that thought for a moment. Imagine yourself living that choice. How does it feel? What comes up for you physically? Emotionally?

  5. Pay attention to the dialogue that follows. Do you discount the original thought? Are you arguing rationally with it? Are you dismissing it? Are you supportive of it?

  6. Play devils advocate. Tell yourself you’re going to do the opposite of your intuitive reaction. Hold that space for a minute. Picture yourself living that choice. How does it feel? What comes up for you now physically and emotionally?When you have some practice at getting quiet, asking and listening (GAL), try focusing on an area of self care that needs nurturing. It can be physical, emotional, intellectual, social or spiritual in nature.

  7. Try and really hear your own voice and not the voice of media, social or otherwise, or of familial expectations, etc.

  8. Once you are clear for yourself what you want to nurture and why, experiment. Take a small step and see how it feels. Then listen again. Feels right? You are on the right path. Feels wrong? Adjust and experiment again.

  9. Stay curious! Try and put all or nothing thinking aside and just be curious about what is good for you and what you can leave behind.





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