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Ten months ago, Sima (Sima bas Faiga) was admitted to a local hospital to give birth to her fifth child. During labor, Sima’s body began to shut down, organ by organ. The local hospital was not equipped to treat her so she was rushed by Medivac helicopter to a major NY hospital where, in critical condition, she was finally stabilized.

The newborn survived, but Sima lay in a coma for five months. When she regained consciousness, she had little physical functioning. She suffered from paralysis but her cognition and speech were in tact.

The good news is that Sima can now feed herself. But there is a long and difficult journey ahead. The community is helping with cooking, childcare, and housekeeping tasks but the greatest need right now is financial support for treatment, therapies, and the children’s needs.

I know it’s easy to just read and move on. But it could have just as easily been me or you. As we enter the season of light and miracles, please give generously to provide Sima’s family with both.


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