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Sitting is the New Smoking

With most U.S. adults sitting 9-12 hours a day, wellness

proponents and the scientific community concur that

“Sitting is the New Smoking.”

There is increasing evidence linking sedentary lifestyle to cardiovascular disease and all causes of mortality.

The good news?

Initial studies suggest that brief activity breaks every 30 minutes can help to address the risks of sedentary lifestyles.*

One study recommends that 3 minutes of walking (to a far bathroom or water cooler) or simple body-weight resistance exercises at a light to moderate intensity (half squats, heel raises, marches, knee raises) for every 30 minutes of sedentary behavior can significantly improve metabolic factors related to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

*Dempsey, P.C., et al, 2016. Benefits for type 2 diabetes of interrupting prolonged sitting with

brief bouts of light walking or simple resistance activities. Diabetes Care, 39 (6), 964-72.





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