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SMART Goals Get a Fresh Face!

Ever heard the expression “Do your best and forget the rest?” Studies on behavior change show that non-specific goals (like ‘do your best’) do not get the same results as SMART goals. Typically, SMART goals are the where, what, when, how much and how often of goal setting. More specifically, SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

In a discussion this week, one of my peer coaches at the Mayo clinic (thanks Sheila!) found an interesting article by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology that gives some interesting alternatives to SMART. Here were some of my favorites:

S – Specific with a Stretch (Get out of that comfort zone.. just a bit)

M – Meaningful, motivating (It has to speak to YOU!)

A – Action-Oriented (Baby Steps, Baby)

R – Reasonable (Would you tell your friend she’s crazy to do this?)

T – Time-limited (Short and Sweet)


Think about the health and wellness goal that would have the biggest impact on your life and then set a smart goal each week to get there!





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