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The Busy Woman’s Fridge

“I always have to think about food because I love food!

My schedule is very busy so I have to be prepared.”

The fridge above belongs to a wonderfully busy Tribe Coaching client. She is a wife, mother, grandmother of more than two dozen (Wow!), and a full-time office manager in a busy medical practice.

Below are her tips for eating clean!

  1. For dinner, I make lentil soup, ratatouille, salmon, and broccoli. I plan it so that I make enough to make lunches for the week. I assemble all the food in containers and put them in the fridge to grab and go for work. All the food is yummy at room temperature.

  2. Rice cakes or whole wheat flat bread are delicious with the ratatouille and it’s fine cold. So are the broccoli and cut up Kirby cucumbers.

  3. Another thing that is so helpful is I make a huge stir fry of red onion, celery, mushrooms, and pre-checked kale. I put the stir-fry in containers and then put one portion in eggs each morning to make an omelet before work.

  4. Prepare celery, kohlrabi and Kirby’s as great fast foods for salads and snacks.

  5. I Always have pre-checked lettuce, kale and arugula in the house. When I put it into my cart, I say “its my candy.” It so healthy and the pre-checked brands save a lot of time.

  6. There is so much you can prepare in bulk and in advance.

  7. Another great thing for people is to make a huge veggie soup and put in containers and microwave it when you need a quick hot meal.

  8. When you serve yourself at home, use nice cutlery and nice china. Don’t use plastic and paper because it adds to the pleasure of the food you worked hard to make. I feel like with all the beautiful colors, it’s a shame not to. You wouldn’t want a restaurant to serve you on paper for a nice meal. And the time you are saving by preparing your food in advance more than makes up for the time to wash a dish!





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