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The Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition is critical when it comes to a balanced lifestyle. It’s not only about what we do in the gym – our practices outside of the gym are just as crucial. Think about all the ways we spend money without thinking.

Then suddenly when it comes to eating some healthy food we pinch pennies.

Think about all the time that goes into training. Those long hours over weeks and months. Then suddenly we use the microwave to make dinner.

Go and get yourself a fine meal. It starts with fine ingredients. Then you cultivate it with heartfelt preparation.

Then mindful consumption of the foods.

Food heals.

Training tears your body down. Eating builds it back up. The quality of the rebuild is dependent upon the quality of your construction materials.

The gym is 1 hour of your day. Eating takes place during the other 23.

It takes a hardcore person to nail nutrition. It’s not easy.





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