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Kick Start Your Wellness: A Guided Meditation

The Truth About Motivation

How many times have you berated yourself for ‘not having the willpower’ to make better food choices or for not ‘having the motivation’ to get out and exercise when you know you should? The truth of the matter is that you use motivation and willpower all day long to get things done and to respond productively to life’s challenges. You are neither weak nor lacking in drive. But you, like everyone else, has a daily limit to these useful traits. So when it comes to self care, we often throw it out the window, not because we are weak or lazy, but simply because we are out of bandwidth.

So how to take care of ourselves when we are tired and drained?

The key is to NOT rely on willpower or to call on the inner tyrant to get yourself out the door.

The graphic below illustrates a way to sneak under the radar of the insistent and berating voice and rely instead on a sequence of very small steps that you can take to get to where you want to be.





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