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Top 3 Reasons Why Women Say They Can’t Take Care of Themselves

Have you ever found yourself making excuses for why you don’t take care of yourself. Some of the most common excuses women make are:

                  1. I don’t have time

                  2. I can’t afford it

                  3. I have other people/things I have to take care of first


          • Describe how you feel right this minute using three one-word adjectives.

          • Describe how you feel at your best using three one-word adjectives.

          • If you were at your best right now, what would you be doing? How is it different from what you are doing now?

          • If I could grant you one wish that would allow you to take a giant step towards your best self, what would it be?

Using the answer to the previous question, what small action can you take today to begin granting yourself that wish?

The bottom line is this:

We ALL make time and spend money on what we want to spend time and money on.

The question is then, if you don’t want to spend time or money on caring for yourself, why not?





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