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An Uncommon Leader: Mike Barwis


If you think what happens in the gym doesn’t matter in real life, think again.

Mike Barwis, owner of the BARWIS family of companies and performance centers, might be best known for his work as a human performance coach for professional and Olympic athletes, including acting as the Senior Advisor of Strength and Conditioning to the New York Mets and the Director of Sports Science and Human Performance for the Detroit Red Wings.

I had the opportunity to spend this week at the BARWIS facility and speak with Mike about his passion, his purpose, and what makes BARWIS the gold standard for human performance.

As impressive as his knowledge is, what grabbed hold of my attention and held it is his commitment to raising the bar of human achievement from a place of deep respect for human potential. He asks for everything from the people around him. And he can. Because he gives everything. No excuses. No sugar coating. Your job is to show up, step up, and find in yourself what he already sees in you: a Champion.

I can tell you where it starts: with heart.



CE (Hilary) Presberg, BARWIS SF Director of Business Operations, and me!

The BARWIS training method is based on three pillars:


Mike is passionately committed to all three. And he walks the talk. Mike is actively involved in the growth of 37 companies and creator of two non-profits, physiologist and developer of the world’s most advanced training systems, and biological father of four but father-figure to thousands of athletes from around the world.

Every person that walks through the doors at BARWIS becomes family. With family comes love, faith, and responsibility. And you can feel those values in the air here.



One of the most inspiring aspects of the BARWIS training facility is seeing professional athletes working out literally side by side on the turf with clients with neuromuscular disabilities as part of the Neurological Reengineering Program (NRP) created by Barwis in 2014.



The NRP welcomes each client as another athlete, not someone with a disability, according to Charles (Scooter) Vaughn, Managing Partner at Isospec Health. “Everyone is treated the same at BARWIS. The pros inspire the NRP clients and the NRP clients inspire the pros. Environment beats willpower every time and the family forward environment at BARWIS is unparalleled anywhere.”

For a special glimpse into the magic of the NRPat BARWIS, click on the video below.

A huge thank you to Mike, CE (Hilary) Presberg, and the extended BARWIS family for opening their ‘home’ to me!


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