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What Does Balance Mean to You?

I was very fortunate to spend Chanukah in Israel this year with my oldest daughter who is studying in seminary there. It poured rain for my entire visit but we were confident that the Chanukah spirit wouldn’t be dampened in Jerusalem, so we ventured out. As we walked through town, we stumbled on The English Cake Bakery that had the most amazing Sufganiyot or filled doughnuts.

I posted these pictures from my camera on my Facebook and Instagram page.

The responses went something like this:

“Did you actually eat one, Atara?”


“Let me guess…You only took pictures of them.”


“Who did you buy them for?”

I hate to shatter images, but of course I ate one.

Mine was covered in the popular Israeli chocolate candy called ‘Klik’. It was decadent. And fun.

Maybe it’s because I was born under the sign of the scales of balance. Or maybe it’s because I practice what I preach. But anyone who knows me well knows that I eat chocolate, drink coffee and wine, eat super healthy and love fitness.

To me, there is no contradiction.

It’s about balance.

I often speak to clients about the 80/20 concept. If you eat clean 80% of the time, you can fudge it (no pun intended) 20% of the time. Life is no fun if you never allow yourself to play. That’s true of food, fitness and even family.


Balance doesn’t have to mean equal amounts on both sides. Balance can mean enough variety to keep you motivated. It might mean that you add or take away to so that your goals don’t always win against living in the moment.

Check out the dictionary definition of balance:



An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

We want to be upright and steady. We want all the aspects of life in the correct proportions. That means having goals but being flexible. It means knowing what you truly need in a given moment. It means being fully present while being respectful of yourself and others. It means balancing the forest and the trees. And at times it means letting go and breathing.

Do I eat donuts every day?

Of course not.

Do I enjoy a donut when it’s Chanukah in Jerusalem and they are fresh and delicious?

Of course I do.

And together they bring me into balance.





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