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What is Your Passion?

“True holiness inspires through presence and practice not preaching”

– Coach Atara.

What is Your Passion?

Pursuing a passion can add depth, richness and joy to life.

But many of us spent little (if any) time thinking about

or exploring our passions.

It may feel like a luxury.

You may not know where to start.

Maybe you believe that if you can’t give it 100%, why bother?

Or maybe you feel like starting risks failure.

Below are a few of my favorite excerpts from

“The Passion Paradox”

a fantastic book by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness to get you thinking about what you are passionate about and how you can

add more of it to your life!

Passion Practices

Interest is an invitation to exploration, drawing your attention towards activities that have the potential to grow into

something greater.

When an activity interests you, give yourself permission to

pursue it.

Don’t be constrained by the story you tell yourself about

yourself, or by your past experiences.

Overcome the resistance that is “I couldn’t possibly do this”

syndrome and allow moments of intrigue to capture your

attention, even if they seem divergent from your current path.

Start small! Those who go big or go home often end up going

home. Those who go incrementally over a long period of time

often end up with something big.

Being passionate about – or perhaps better put, a slave to – the achievement of an external result that you cannot control

(i.e. money, fame, followers, social media ‘likes’, approval of others)

creates a volatile and fragile sense of self worth.


Five Minute Magic

Spend five minutes today thinking about what you are passionate about and how you can take a small step towards developing that passion.





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