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Kick Start Your Wellness: A Guided Meditation

Workout at 5:30 AM? You’d have to be….

Ever rolled your eyes at those crazy people who set their alarms to work out (and actually get up and do it!) before the birds even know it’s a new day?

Did you maybe feel a tiny bit of envy underneath that sentiment as well?

There is A LOT to be said about training yourself to workout at the crack of dawn.

Like WHAT???

Higher metabolic rate all day + More energy

Clearer mind + Appetite control

Better food choices + Improved Mood

Better Sleep + Higher self esteem

Develops routine + Discipline

But HOW?

Set your alarm a distance away + Clothes out night before

Put must-haves near front door + Have a great playlist

Prep post-exercise breakfast before bed + Set coffee maker

Commit to a bedtime + Focus & visualize success





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